Wesley Hitt Photography is a showcase of my over 30 years as a full time professional photographer.

I started my photography business at the age of 22 in Little Rock, Arkansas after assisting for a couple of years and after attending Hallmark Institue of Photography.  My first few years were shared on the 7th Floor of the Boyle Building with a group of crazy and creative artists.  I was then offered a downtown studio that I could shoot and live in.  It was to good to pass up.  It was a opportunity to be a studio photographer and see if that is where my futured was heading.  After two years of shooting Jacuzzi Pumps, toasters, micowaves and other none speaking products, I knew that studio work was not for me.  I learned that I would rather be outside in the cold or heat, dealing with whatever is thrown at me, than to be locked inside on a beautiful day.

So I was able to remove Studio Photographer from my resume.  Do not show what you do not want to shoot.  Now I can say that I am a Location Photographer.  Of course that means I am also a editorial, commercial, advertising, stock and sports photographer.  Most of all I am a people photographer.  I love photographing people.  I love meeting people.  I love the chance to get to know someone for a short time and then capturing a photograph of them that will last forever.  I love simply seeing how people make a living.  One of the rewards of my career is being able to meet and photograph so many different people.

I love being a photographer.  The chance to work with great art directors and other creatives is part of my motivation.  To work on a project with a group of people that I respect and then to produce a finished product that accomplishes my clients goals is how I view success.