Stock Photography Part 1

Stock Photography Part 1

Martini AdIt is not very often that I see one of my stock photos used.  This appeared on a Facebook feed and my first thought was that the image looked very familiar.  Oh ya, it was my image from a editorial shoot.  I was visiting a city and needed to shoot a local bar.  As long as I was there I asked the bartender what her favorite drink was and if she would make me one to photograph.  This martini was her favorite.  I photographed her making the drink along with some closeups but the scene with the drink and the empty bar stools was to good to pass up as a generic stock photo. KANSAS CITY, MO: Harry's Bar and Tables in Kansas CIty, Missouri (Wesley Hitt)

I will write more and more about stock photography in future posts.  I have always enjoyed going out with my camera and just seeing.  Dive into a place or event and see the world around me from a visual viewpoint.  Looking for interesting photographs.  The fact that I could take those photos and make money on them has been a driving force in my career.  My biggest break in stock photography came when then Governor Bill Clinton decided to run for President.  No one new anything about Bill or Arkansas and I had a whole stock file full of photos.  Susan from Gamma Liaison called and I found a great place to put my Arkansas stock photography along with covering the upcoming election.  Along this time, Getty Images bought out Gamma Liaison and I began my log relationship with Getty.  Some of the election that I covered I shot as stock.  By this I mean that I paid for own time and expenses and filed the photos at Getty.  Getty sells the photos and we split the money 50/50.  The best part of this is that I own the images and still own them to this day.Stock Photography by Wesley Hitt No Rights Granted with written permission from Wesley Hitt (Wesley Hitt)Stock Photography by Wesley Hitt No Rights Granted with written permission from Wesley Hitt (Wesley Hitt)

I have been a stock photographer ever since.  Stock photography covers lots of areas for me.  Not just creative stock but everything I have on Getty Images, Alamy or on my website, I consider stock.  Basically any image that I own that is for sale is a stock image.  Sometimes the images from a editorial photography shoot can turn into stock, as in the photo of the martini.  Sometimes I hire models and just go out to shoot something that I enjoy and that interest me.  My job is to make photographs that can sell.sb10068188p-002122296914

Stock photography is something that I get asked about a lot and am always glad to answer any questions that anyone has.  Feel free to leave a question in the comments and I will reply as soon as possible.  I see stock photography as something I will do forever, or until the pry the camera from my cold, dead hands.  Thanks for reading.485479393




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