Stock Photography at White Rock Mountain

Stock Photography at White Rock Mountain

As photographers we have our favorite places that we go back to over and over.  White Rock Mountain is one of mine.  Fifteen miles down a dirt road off Hwy 16 and all uphill.  Campground and cabins await you on the mountain with a view that is historic of Arkansas mountains.  The sun sets right in front of you and there is a clear view over the mountain forest.  I am a lover of silhouettes and this is a prime spot to shoot.  I have shot stock photography of my nephew doing kicks in the air and friends practicing yoga.  IMG_1312During a meteor shower I drove up at midnight and sat out with my tripod in the cold air till three in the morning.  All alone in the middle of the night, overlooking the mountains lit by star light, very peaceful. My lastest idea was a hula hooper and Ali is awesome.  Stock photography is about your photos expressing a point.  Does your photo express an idea in a few simple words.  Power, Joy, Peace, Light, Control, and on and on.

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Springtime as the trees begin to bloom and the leaves are still translucent is a great time.  I hope to make it to the top of the mountain after a big snow fall.  To have this view after a winter storm would be incredible.  Of course the drive up may be a little hairy but now we are back to my four wheel drives.  “Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing”.

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The photo of Beth Hall meditating on the bluff has been my best selling stock image at Getty Images over the last two years.  It shows up almost monthly on my sales reports.  With the Olympics coming up I hope the image of Sam airborne doing a kick will sell well.  Ali is my hula hoop woman and I love what both stock photos say.  Ali holding the hula hoop has a certain feeling of power.  The way she is holding the hoop has a lot of expression.  The meditating image just felt right.  Like the image of Beth is has a peaceful feeling.  The clothes and the crop say a lot within the image.

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